ASIA Brake Conference and Exhibition (formerly known as ASEAN Brake) was created in 2015 to address the profound changes in the demands made by the braking industry’s customers and end-users, and to provide a forum for companies, engineers and academics working in the area of brake technology to come together to share ideas.

It is our privilege and honour to invite you to the 2019 Asia Brake Conference and Exhibition which will take place in Delhi, INDIA from Sunday 24th – Tuesday 26th February 2019. This conference will be held at Pullman Hotel Delhi, INDIA. We expect to host more than 300 participants from various countries from every continents at the only ASIA Brake conference in 2019. As always, the conference and exhibition will bring together international professionals and academia members from the fields of braking systems, brakes and friction materials.

The conference and exhibition is organized by ASK Automotive Private Limited. The event offers professionals an outstanding platform to display the achievements of the Asian community to the international audience and to get to know other professionals both from private and public sectors.

For more information / query, please contact Ritu at – ritu@asiabrake.org